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Asboat Yacht Building

Asboat Yacht Builder is custom yacht builder located in Izmir, Turkey. We have over 25 years experience in the yacht and ship building industry. We offer professional project management services and our attention to detail with a pendant toward managing costs ensures that you, the customer, will receive a fine motor or sailing yacht.

Custom yacht building gives you nearly unlimited options. Any design you have, plan, package or kit you purchased can be built according to your wishes under the surveillances of international classification societies like Lloyd’s, certification institutes or your local regulatory organization. If all you have is a vision, but no specific design in mind, then talk with us and let our experience and expertise help you define what type of yacht meets your needs.

We can help you decide on the style and type of yacht (sail, motor, trawler, motor-sailor, lobster, etc), its flag (USA, Singapore, Turkey...etc) and classification (CE, Rina, Turkish Loyd...etc) We can help you define your potential usage for this yacht, whether it is for weekends and long holiday periods, or maybe a cruise around the world, or even a full time live-aboard. Once we all have these details, we can work to find a marine designer that may have a plan already available that will meets your needs, or just requires a few changes. If you have a particular marine designers in mind, we stand ready to work with them to make your dream yacht a reality. We have links to various designers and design firms on our “links” web page. Working together with you and the marine designer, we can propose the yacht’s interior to more than meet your needs.

Finally, with all of the above known and agreed upon, we will prepare a detailed specification, point of delivery, and price for the yacht. The payment schedule is customized to the customer’s needs, and construction would begin after a contract is signed and the first payment is made. As with any custom building process, sometimes, you change your mind and you want to make change. Being a custom yard, we can accommodate those changes, often without impacting the yacht’s scheduled delivery. However, some decisions, like colors, curtains, and exterior enhancements are best left to be finalized as the yacht nears completion.

Throughout the entire process, the Classification Society that you chose will monitor and survey the yacht to ensure that it is being built in accordance with their requirements. At the end, not only do you take possession of your dream yacht, you also take possession of a well founded yacht which has been certified by the Classification Society that it meets or exceeds their standards.

Our standard port of delivery is Izmir, Turkey. If you choose to start your adventure of a lifetime in Izmir, and your yacht is not Turkish flagged, we export the boat from the port of Izmir will allows you, the owner to start cruising the Aegean Sea, with its numerous islands and fabulous coast line. If you want the yacht delivered somewhere other than Izmir, we can arrange for it to be shipped on either a conventional cargo ship or a specialized yacht transport ship (Dockwise Yacht Transport, for example) or work with you to hire a captain and crew of your choosing to move the yacht under its own hull to you. We look forward to working with you to realize your dream yacht, and the start of an adventure of a lifetime.